High pressure shower heads: The ultimate luxury for your home

November 01. 2022 | Sponsored by Eco Water Labs

Transform your shower experience with a Luxury high pressure shower head!

Are you tired of weak, lackluster showers? Do you long for a powerful, invigorating shower experience? Here’s why looking into a high pressure shower head could be the ultimate investment.

Imagine stepping into your shower and feeling the tension in your muscles instantly melt away as strong, pulsating jets of water massage and rejuvenate your body. A high pressure shower head delivers just that - an unparalleled shower experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

Upgrade your bathroom and give your family the gift of a luxurious shower experience.

But the benefits of a high pressure shower head don't stop there. Not only do they provide a luxurious shower experience, but they also have practical benefits for your entire family.

For starters, high pressure shower heads can conserve water while still providing a powerful flow. This means that you'll be saving money on your water bill while still enjoying a superior shower experience.

Relax and rejuvenate with the therapeutic benefits.

Additionally, high pressure shower heads can help to alleviate muscle pain and tension. The strong, massaging jets of water can target sore spots and provide a soothing, therapeutic effect. This makes them especially beneficial for those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain conditions.

Transform your family bathrooms into a spa-like retreat.

But perhaps the greatest benefit of all is the simple fact that upgrading to a high pressure shower head is a gift to your entire family. Everyone in your household will enjoy the benefits of a powerful, invigorating shower experience.

So why settle for a weak, lackluster shower when you can have the ultimate luxury in your own home? 

Upgrade to a high pressure shower head today from our home grown Australian Owned & Operated business and give the gift of a luxurious shower experience to your entire family.

Here are just some of the 100+ Verified customer reviews we found:

2 months of using this shower head my family including three girls are very happy!

I was sceptical about this at first but after ordering one over 2 months ago it was delivered very quickly and I had it fitted in about ten minutes, so easy, after 2 months of using this shower head my family including three girls are very happy I bought it. Their skin is glowing and they all love the water pressure and the softness of the water. Very very happy with my shower head. Thankyou Eco Water Labs!” – Greg T. AUS

Verified Buyer

You won’t get a better shower head for the price anywhere!

“Just arrived this afternoon. You won't get a better shower head for the price anywhere! My main problem was water pressure and that is no more! Very happy!” – Jacinta N. AUS

Verified Buyer

“Bought the 2 pack, was definitely sceptical. I'm so thrilled to report that finally I haven't wasted as single cent on an impulse online purchase!! These things are amazing!!!!! I hace very sensitive skin and it dries out really easily after showers. This has completely revolutionised my shower experince and I no longer have dry skin or itching from chlorine and my hair is so much softer after washing! Honestly I give it a 5 star rate. My partner even commented that the shower feels right posh nowadays haha! Best purchase of 2021 by far! Great job guys!” – Katie B. AUS

Verified Buyer

“These are awesome. I have tank water pumped to the house, pressure medium. This shower head makes a big difference!” – Jeanette E. AUS

Verified Buyer

“I had a pump set up before this shower head. The one I was using would lose pressure and the temp of the water went hot, cold, hot, cold, everytime the pump cut in and out but with this shower head it's so much better yes it loses a little pressure due to the pump set up but somehow the water temp was heaps better I didn't have to step in and out of the shower I can say it's the best shower head I have had so far I hope you order one and I do hope it works for you as it has worked for me.” – Jan S. AUS

Verified Buyer

“I purchased two. One for each bathroom, love love them. And I love how you can turn off at shower head.” – Rosemarie N. AUS 

Verified Buyer

“ Just bought two absolutely love them water pressure is fab thankyou, ordered two more for family.” – Dawn W. AUS

Verified Buyer

“Bought two, fast delivery all in my family love it. Going to buy another one for my double shower. – Ellen H. AUS

Verified Buyer

Skin feels great as does my hair.

“Very happy with it. Found it very relaxing and great to have three spray options to use. Skin feels great as does my hair.” – Vikiree M.AUS 

Verified Buyer

OMG it’s amazing!

“Ours have just arrived. OMG it's amazing! Water pressure 3 settings even has a stop button so I can save water. 20 out of 10 for me!” – Dianne G. AUS

Verified Buyer

It’s easy to see why the Eco Shower Pro - Ultra is becoming one of the must have products of 2023!

So what can you do about getting your hands on some of these luxurious shower heads? Last time we checked, Eco Water Labs was still running their introductory offer for first time customers, receiving up to 30% off on your first order, and 40% Off for bundles!

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